Friday, 17 November 2017

Je me presente: Je suis qui?

                       Je me presente: Je suis qui?
Je m´appelle Jonathan.
Je suis un garcon.
Je suis un american 
Je suis dans la classe 5B 

Autumn Break

                                             Autumn Break
During my autumn break my family and I went to Thailand.  We went to the city of Bangkok first, then we went to Phuket the largest of the islands.  It was very fun.  The following week of school, grade five has  done another 5time.  This time, Miss Angela read ¨The Giving Tree¨ to us.  we wrote the gifts we thought we could give to the UNIS grade five.

Migration Museum

                      Migration Museum
In school we had a migration museum to finish our migration unit in U.O.I.  I told Albert Einstein's migration story.  I had lots of fun.  It was interesting looking at other people's migration stories and learning about all the people real or invented, that have migrated short distances or far.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Blue dragon walk-a-Thon

Related imageThis week we had the Walk-a-Thon fundraiser for Blue Dragon.  I ran 16 laps around the field.  My parents donated 20 dollars.  it was difficult but worth it.  We also got ice-cream.  It was very fun.  In band after school, I am going on a field trip to a kindergarten to play music.   This week we also started a new unit in U.O.I: electrical sciences.  We got to put together machines I built a gear-powered light. And in Ms.Angela´s class we took apart headphones.  It was interesting looking at the cross-sections of an everyday object.  This week was very fun!         

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Trip week

               Trip week and the week after

Unfortunately, I was not able to go on the grade five trip but I have had a wonderful week.   I enjoyed staying at home but I am still disappointed I could not go.  Many things happened in the next week of school. We started a new unit in P.E.,  in math, we are working on place-value with 5A,  in literacy we are working are working on our migration narratives and the plot of our stories, and in UOI we are researching for our narratives.  


Sunday, 17 September 2017

Learning to learn in French

During french class I have had some success  and some challenges.  I have found greetings in french such as bonjour and merci easy but others I have found to be more difficult.  I have had a very successful unit.  I have learned many new things including j´aime and je n´aime pas. It will be a very successful year!